Whether it’s music, cars or boats, everyone loves “The Classics”. So with that in mind, Continental Powerboats has embarked on a mission to bring back the glory days of boating by introducing their contribution to the ‘retro design’ segment of the recreational powerboat market.

We can think of no better way to celebrate that wonderful and now classic era of boating than with our exciting new SuperPrimera 22. While there are some additional ideas percolating in the Continental think tank, we feel we’ve hit the nail on the head with this new entry. The new SuperPrimera embraces many elements of that “thoroughbred era”… low-slung, sleek and powerful with a sporty windshield, comfortable new cockpit, tasteful upscale details, low profile deck and traditional inboard power with that awesome, thunderous exhaust note. Consider her the past brought forward into the future!

As Jimmy Buffett was “descended from a deck hand on a sloop” Continental Powerboats founder J. Kelly Payne is the son of an accomplished automotive designer.  H.E. Payne shared his artistic talent and design skills with his son and routinely instructed him to “sketch it first, make sure it’s sound and then build it… in that order”. Kelly’s 27 year marine design career has finally produced ‘new’ boats from his youth, influenced by some of the cars and automotive experiences he enjoyed growing up in the Detroit area. Kelly has always found a unique connection between cars and boats and the people who drive and enjoy them. This new venture is the result of all of those experiences and knowledge.

At Continental Powerboats, we are committed to resurrecting the thrill of the classic era of boating;

Yes, the boats many of us grew up with (and envied) are finally here again! We intend to fill the need and growing desire for retro-style gentleman day cruisers which harken back to the good old days of boating… the great days of classic American boating are back!

Join us now as we combine the past with an exciting new future in classic American boating.